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Preventative Maintenance

​Why do customers need Preventative Maintenance Contracts?

  • Equipment will run more efficiently
  • Equipment that runs efficiently uses less energy so you will save money on both your gas and electrical bills
  • Equipment that runs efficiently will put less strain on the mechanical components so they will not break down as much and will last longer, repairs will be caught when they are small
  • All mechanical equipment will eventually need repairs, regular PM will catch mechanical problems when before they become large
  • Repairs will be caught when they can be dealt with in a cost effective manner
  • Repairs that are caught by your PM program can usually be fixed on the same visit or at the very least be scheduled for repair during normal working hours
  • Equipment that fails often fails outside of regular hours and usually when it is stressed by environmental conditions. For example, cooling equipment invariably fails on the hottest day of the year. It is actually because the equipment is having to work its hardest under these conditions. As a result your equipment will break down at the same time that similar equipment is breaking down all over the city. As a result equipment breakdowns are often repaired on overtime as technicians struggle to keep up with demand, resulting in even higher repair costs. Equipment will last longer
  • Our experience is that well-maintained equipment will last 5-10 years longer than equipment that is poorly maintained. Repairs will be done Faster due to Technician Familiarity
  • Most Service companies try to keep the same technicians working on your building so if you do need any repairs the technician will know your equipment and its history and will be able to trouble-shoot the problem much faster, saving time that would have been billed to you

Non-monetary Benefits Environmental Benefits

Properly maintained equipment will use much less energy and thus reduces the amount of greenhouse gases indirectly generated by your building.

Better Service

As a PM Customer you are given priority on service calls, which is very important when it gets hot outside. If your equipment does fail on the hottest day of the year, you will get priority over other customers.

More Predictable Expenses

  • Your budgeting will be much easier as the cost of the PM contract is known. Repairs will still be present, particularly with equipment that is old or has been neglected in the past, but it should be possible to do them in a systematic way. No worries about having to dip into contingency funds or do special assessments.

Preventative HVAC maintenance from TFC Mechanical ensures that your building’s mechanical equipment will operate with maximum efficiency while extending the life of your HVAC systems.

The costs of operating equipment that are not maintained on a regular basis can be costly and hard to budget replacement and repairs especially not knowing the condition of each piece of equipment.

Our technicians are provided computerized maintenance planning and scheduling, as well as preventative maintenance for repair of commercial heating and cooling systems. We also design preventative maintenance programs agreements specific to our customer’s needs throughout Texas.

Our customized HVAC Preventative Maintenance plans, tailored to fit your needs, help extend the life of your HVAC system, reduce your downtime and save you money.


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